Powered by Advatix, Sena™ is a unique, innovative recruiting app that goes far beyond the traditional Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Sena™ uses a dynamic dashboard that provides real time candidate progress and “performance results” in the categories that are most important to improving your recruiting results. Sena™ in combination with the support of our People Experts and the Advatix “Boots on the Ground” service philosophy, means your search for top talent will be more effective than ever before.

Defined as the “right knowledge” or “clarity,” Vidya™ is a Learning Management System designed to ensure your most precious asset, your people, have the knowledge and information that they will need to be wildly successful in their roles, and all at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Whether your goal is to meet compliance requirements, provide job specific training, or help your team-members grow on a personal level, Vidya™ is an easy to manage, easy to use tool that reaches anywhere your people may be. Someone once said that “knowledge is power.” At Advatix, we believe that the “use of knowledge is power” and Vidya™ is the right tool for sharing your knowledge with your teams.

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