Whether it is helping draft a job description or, if you need to design and implement your entire organizational structure, our People Experts identify the opportunities for your organization to excel, develop and implement a customized Organizational Plan and, work by your side to ensure the key components are in place and working...

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Organizational Structure We will work with you to assess, develop and implement the type of structure that best suits your organization. Whether it’s a Matrix, Horizontal, Hierarchical or any of the many different types of structures, our Experts will be with you to ensure yours is most effective.

Job Descriptions Customized job descriptions focused on Key Result Areas (KRA) that accurately describe the role and will be used to further develop goals, performance expectations and drive your team’s expected behaviors

Benefit Strategies The right combination of benefits, the right eligibility guidelines and the right employer contribution strategy all combine to create a “Benefits Package” that turn you into an “Employer of Choice” and will have candidates clamoring for a “spot” on your team.

Compensation Programs One size fits all compensation structures rarely maximize results. Our Experts will work with you to design “Comp Structures” that fit your specific needs and drive results.

Performance Evaluations Effective performance evaluations drive results and your teams thrive on having clearly defined expectations. Our suite of Performance Evals encompass the entire employee life cycle and help you take the manage results

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Staffing &

The common thread among the legendary companies is the quality of the people that drive the business. The People Experts at Advatix Global HR will find and help you retain the Top-Level talent that is critical for your organization’s success. We are your best resource for providing for the type of staffing and recruiting support you need to find the people who will drive your organizations growth and success. We can help you achieve legendary status.

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24/7 Recruiting Our global recruiting teams constantly look for and identify potential candidates to fill your open roles. Our average “time to fill” is the lowest in the industry, and our hands-on approach means that we can adjust more quickly to ensure the top candidates meet you first!

Compensation Studies Our compensation studies give you an edge in recruiting the top talent by providing valuable insight into what’s happening, compensation-wise, in your regions

Interview Training Conducting effective interviews is equal parts art and science. We will work closely with your hiring teams to ensure that, in addition to conducting legally compliant interviews, they are asking the right questions and looking for the right responses.

Sena is our one of a kind Mobile Recruiting Application that helps you easily manage the staffing process from posting the open position to starting the new employee and everything in between. Among its many features, Sena provides real time performance metrics that help you effectively improve results.

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Choosing the right HR system is critical to growing your business. Having Advatix Global HR as a partner to help you navigate the selection process and ensure you make an informed choice is another way we help transform your organization. Our team will help you craft the right plan for reviewing, selecting and implementing the HR system that will grow with your company.

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Choosing Technology Let us help you select the right platform to meet your needs. Whether you choose one of our ground-breaking technologies or are simply looking for a partner that can provide sound advice, Advatix is your trusted “Tech Advisor” and can help you make the right decisions

  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Operations Management Systems
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Nurturing growth from within requires a dedicated coaching and development plan. Companies that employ effective “Leadership Development” programs mitigate the risk of employing “less than effective” leaders resulting in accelerated organizational growth. The team at Advatix Global HR deliver a world class, customizable LD course that ranges from a foundational 3 session course to the year long Master Leader program.

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Leadership Development Program A customizable course that begins with “Making the Transition to the Leadership Role” and builds on that foundation. You can choose the full course or select specific sessions that are focused on your team and their development

Leadership Development Sessions A Day in the Life of a Leader Management By Walking Around (MBWA) The Head and Heart Coach Extreme Ownership The Rules of Engagement The Delegation 8 Simple Rules for Culture Maximum Performance and more…

The 5 Factor Dynamic™ A proprietary Organizational Diagnostic tool that provides assessment and solutions for you and your team as they lead their teams.

Condensed programs include telecon or on-line sessions using Vidya, our proprietary Learning Management System that ensures every participant is able to maximize their instruction time and improve their performance

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