Staffing & Recruiting


The common thread among the legendary companies is the quality of the people that drive the business. The People Experts at Advatix Global HR will find and help you retain the Top-Level talent that is critical for your organization’s success. We are your best resource for providing for the type of staffing and recruiting support you need to find the people who will drive your organization's growth and success. We can help you achieve legendary status.

24/7 Recruiting

Our global recruiting teams constantly look for and identify potential candidates to fill your open roles. Our average “time to fill” is the lowest in the industry, and our hands-on approach means that we can adjust more quickly to ensure the top candidates meet you first!

Compensation Studies

Our compensation studies give you an edge in recruiting the top talent by providing valuable insight into what’s happening, compensation-wise, in your regions

Interview Training

Conducting effective interviews is equal parts art and science. We will work closely with your hiring teams to ensure that, in addition to conducting legally compliant interviews, they are asking the right questions and looking for the right responses.


is our one of a kind Mobile Recruiting Application that helps you easily manage the staffing process from posting the open position to starting the new employee and everything in between. Among its many features, Sena provides real time performance metrics that help you effectively improve results.

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